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If we had to pick the one solar-powered gadget that’s often overlooked, we’d have to go with batteries. They can be a great way to get power to remote locations. They can also serve as an excellent backup power plan, especially when you consider that most of the other options in this department run on gasoline or other fuels. We want to take this opportunity to talk about the different options that may be available for you. If you have a unique request regarding batteries, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us. We’ll be able to help you find something that meets your specific demands.

How Do These Batteries Work?

In simple terms, these batteries can usually be charged by solar energy. Then they can be hooked up to other devices to transfer that power. The main difference between these batteries and the solar-powered systems that usually power homes or buildings is the battery’s storage capacity. That’s the whole purpose of these batteries. You’ll only need to charge them for some time and they can store that energy to then transfer it later on.

Making Sure The Battery is Adequetly Powered

There are essentially two things that you want to account for when you’re choosing this type of battery. If it comes with a solar panel that is meant to harvest the energy that will go into the battery, you’re usually better off. One of the main issues with some of the items that are sold by third parties is that they’re like 90s toys. Everything is sold separately. You want to make sure that the solar panel is large enough to be able to harvest enough energy in a short amount of time so that the battery can store it. The panel and the size of the battery are the two key elements.

How Much Life Do These Options Have?

We want to look into the two lifespans that these batteries tend to have. In total, the battery is going to last about 15 years. This lifespan can depend on the make or model that you purchase. When it comes to the energy output that it can provide, some of these options are going to be able to power a full house for about 24 hours. Again, in this case, the energy output when fully charged will vary depending on the battery in question.  

Finding the Right Size Battery For Your Needs

Do you really need one of these batteries that can last 24 hours? Don’t get us wrong, it’s one of those assets that’s always nice to have. You’re going to feel really proud of yourself when the rest of the neighborhood has their power out, and you don’t. Maybe you’re thinking about buying one of these batteries though for your outdoor adventures. If that’s the case, maybe you’re going to benefit more from a smaller battery that’s going to be easier to carry around. Give us a call and let us know why you may be looking for one of these batteries. Our team will surely be able to point you in the right direction.

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