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EV Chargers

a close up of an electric car charging station

If you’re thinking about buying an electric-powered car, you may want to look into making this purchase before you head to the dealership. Otherwise, you’d buy the car, and if it’s a hybrid, you’d probably find it more practical to use gasoline. That literally kills the whole purpose of buying one of these vehicles. We mentioned on the homepage that it’s a good idea to let us know the make and model of the car that you want to purchase. There aren’t that many compatibility issues with these chargers. It’s still good practice to account for them so that you have a charger that meets your needs.

What Type of Vehicles Can These Chargers Power?

They could realistically power all sorts of vehicles. If you’re thinking hybrids, fully electric road vehicles, and golf carts, you should be covered. The only thing that you have to make sure that you have is the right outlet that connects to the vehicle. In this situation, we also have to make sure that the output isn’t too much for some vehicles. These are all things that we can customize to ensure that you’re able to power different vehicles.  

Can These be Set Up In A Non-Solar Powered Home?

Yes, these chargers can in fact, be set up in a house that is not solar-powered. There’s actually not all that much that would change in that particular process. The chargers are usually going to be hooked up to the house’s main electric grid anyway. In that situation, though, you won’t necessarily be going completely green with your car. At the moment most of the energy that’s part of the local grid doesn’t come from green sources. That varies depending on where you live, but it’s a general rule at this point.

Can I Solar Power These Chargers?

This is one of the most interesting options that’s going to be available for these types of chargers. What’s the biggest challenge, though, that we find in these situations? You may need to set up the chargers outside instead of within a garage. This is so that the solar panels are able to harvest enough sunlight to power the vehicles. The position of each house may dictate the possibilities that may be available. We don’t want to say that you forcefully have to put everything outside if you want these chargers to be solar-powered. Instead give us a call and let us explore the different options that may be available for you.

How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

Usually, these can be setup in a couple of hours. We mentioned that you want to call us before you agree to a price at the car dealership. That still may be a good idea because of what we talked about in making these solar-powered. If you take everything step by step, we won’t be as much in a hurry to get everything done. In any case, setting up a couple of these chargers shouldn’t take that long.

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